Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Simron Upadhyay opens up about playing Noor in Rabb Se Hai Dua

While she doesn’t entirely relate to her character, actress Simron Upadhyay says that she loves being Noor on screen. The actress, who is part of the show Rabb Se Hai Dua, says that her character has many layers.

“I am playing Noor, who is Haider’s (Karanvir Sharma) step sister. Noor is totally a social media freak who loves making reels. She is disinterested in her family dramas and is obsessed with her content. Even if a full-blown meltdown is going on in her family, she is okay to record and post it to gain some extra followers and likes. She lives in a virtual world and whenever there is a situation, she doesn’t understand a thing and that makes her character very interesting. She acts as a comic relief in a show. Her step brother and father are involved in a heated discussion. Her father is a shayar so he uses the muhawaras and shayris and she doesn’t understand a thing. Even in that tensed situation she will say something very silly, stupid and goofy. All this adds a joy to the scene even if the scene has arguments going on. She is a mama’s girl and is always involved in her ammi’s planning and plotting. She doesn’t realise the implications of her planning. Ammi wants Haider and Dua to have arguments and even my character doesn’t like Dua because she is preachy and she will always lecture her on something,” she says.

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She adds, “I don’t relate with her at all. I am neither a social media freak, nor am I the way she is in the show. It’s fun playing her because every character that I have done so far was relatable in some ways.”

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