Producer Nivedita Basu on Shalin Bhanot: He has gone to win the show!

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Producer Nivedita Basu, who is friends with actor Shalin Bhanot, says that the latter will put his heart and soul into winning Bigg Boss. The producer says that he has been playing the game well.

“I am not really a Big Boss follower ever since it started but thanks to social media as that’s my only window to know what is happening in Bigg Boss. Shalin is quite a star but a cocoon in his own shell, wanting to do his own things and it was quite a shocker when I got to know that he is doing Bigg Boss!” she says.

She adds, “Shalin and I are neighbours. We see each other in the balcony and wave to each other and are close friends. It’s great to see him doing well, at least from the ardent followers I came to know that he is quite a watch and is quite popular. I hope he wins because I am sure he did not go inside for anything else, but to win. It has so happened that we haven’t work together, though we discuss a lot about work about what he is doing and what I am doing. Hope we will work together soon.”

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His banter and link up with Tina is a talking point, however Nivedita says she needs to talk to Shalin to understand what’s really happening. “Shalin has been associated with a lot of girls now. I am not sure who he is actually invested in. As far as the conversation we had, he had said that he has to concentrate on his work for the next few years. But like a lot of people say when you go inside Bigg Boss house, a lot of things change. I am hoping that when he finishes all this, and I have a one on one with him, I will come to know what his life has turned out after Bigg Boss,” she says.

Meanwhile, the producer adds that she wants to keep away from the show. “You will be surprised that I was offered Bigg Boss this year. I said that I am not Bigg Boss material and can’t give enough drama!” she says.

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