Param Singh on friend Ankit Gupta’s stay in Bigg Boss: His honesty and confidence of being himself is what sets him apart

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Actor Param Singh is very proud of the way his friend, Ankit Gupta, is staying in the Bigg Boss house. Vouching for the authenticity of his actions, Param assures that Ankit is not putting on an act, and is actually like this in real life as well.

“My mom is an avid fan of Bigg Boss, so whenever Ankit comes, she always calls me saying Ankit aagaya hai, aajao! How he is in our real life with me and all our friends and with people around, he’s exactly the same inside the house. He’s a reserved and smart guy. He listens to everything but is not at all fond of gossip, fighting or conflicts. He’s someone who will keep things inside him and talk only when it’s needed. I am really very proud of him, knowing that there are so many cameras in the house, he is still himself. I am loving him. I guess his honesty and the confidence of being himself is what sets him apart,” he says.

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Meanwhile, ask him if he would like to be locked up in the house as well, and he says, “I don’t know right now if I would do it or not but maybe later on.”

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