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Ankur Nayyar: It is very important for us to blow up our work for others to notice it!

Actor Ankur Nayyar says it is very important for actors to make sure their work is noticed. Today, there are so many platforms and the audiences have so much to view, so it is important to market yourself well, he adds.

“It is very important for us to blow up our work for others to notice it. Now let your work talk for itself. But now there are so many platforms, so much content, media is all over which makes the audience confused. This makes it important for you to shine amongst everyone to be seen. Which is why marketing everything is very important now,” he says.

Also, he adds it’s important to be consistent. “The audience has a limited memory and if you’re not visible, people are obliged to forget you and the world doesn’t care. Definitely, it adds pressure too,” he says.

Ankur says that social media helps in a big way to get visibility. “Nowadays, everything is seen on social media; what you eat, where you go, why you do, who are your friends. It can be for anything, inspiration or the lifestyle you have, admiring you. Anything can go viral under the sun,” he says.

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Of course, pressure is part of being an actor, says Ankur, adding, “It all depends how much importance you give it to them. As an actor, I’ve never given any thought to the competition nor I had any insecurities, social media pressure. These kinds of things never affected me. There is a kind of pressure, when work is pampering you with all sorts of offers, and sometimes pressure is of not having work at all”

He says, “I am grateful for so many opportunities coming my way which are anyway helping me to shape my career. So, it’s like acceptance and rejection is a normal thing in an actor’s life.”

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