Puneet Superstar and Faizan Ansari Bury the Hatchet Over Fake Account Controversy

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Puneet Superstar and Faizan Ansari, who had been engaged in a bitter dispute over a fake account controversy, have finally settled their differences. The duo, known for their presence on Bigg Boss OTT and social media, respectively, recently came face to face to address the issue.

The conflict began when Faizan Ansari filed a police complaint against Puneet Superstar, alleging that he had received threat calls and obscene texts from Puneet through a fake account. However, it was later revealed that someone was using fake accounts to create tension between the two personalities.

During an interaction with Newshelpline, Puneet Superstar clarified the situation, saying, “It was an issue of a fake ID. Someone was sending wrong comments to Faizan Ansari, and someone even sent me a text from a wrong number, which happened to be an international mobile number. As you all know, receiving calls and texts from international numbers is not uncommon.”

Puneet further elaborated on the prevalence of fake accounts in his name on social media, “Right now, there are more than 30-35 fake accounts in my name on social media. Just a few days ago, someone complained that a fake ID in my name was involved in scamming people for money. Several brands are running under my name, for which I am not the owner or endorser. In a similar incident, someone sent an obscene comment to Faizan, which made him angry. Now that I am in Mumbai, I thought I’d clear the air with him, and we have sorted it out.”

Faizan Ansari also expressed his willingness to withdraw his complaint, stating, “I am glad we sorted it out. I recently learned that Puneet’s mother is ill, and I really didn’t want to prolong this issue. I am here to make peace and put an end to all the controversies and complaints.”

The meeting between Puneet Superstar and Faizan Ansari proved to be a turning point in resolving the misunderstanding caused by fake accounts, bringing an end to the controversy.

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