Shivaan Shamra Shares Excitement for Show Gauna: Ek Pratha

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Actor Shivaan Shamra, known for his portrayal of Prince Thakur in the popular TV show Gauna: Ek Pratha, is overjoyed to be a part of such a remarkable project. He considers himself fortunate to be playing the role of a loving child in the family and cherishes the bond he shares with the character Gehna.

“It’s a special feeling to portray such a loving child in the family and to have a close bond with Gehna. My character, Prince Thakur, is portrayed as a rich-looking kid, and I don’t require much makeup or styling for the role. Currently, the story revolves around me, and it’s a fantastic show. I am eager to see it gain popularity,” Shivaan shares enthusiastically.

Gauna: Ek Pratha, produced by Yash and Mamta Patnaik, holds a special place in Shivaan’s heart. Working with the producers and the entire team has been a delightful experience for him. “It’s a great feeling to be a part of a supportive team, and I truly enjoy working with them,” he adds.

Reflecting on the evolution of the TV industry, Shivaan observes, “The TV industry has come a long way and has become more advanced now. The content shown on TV has also evolved, and people can relate to it more. However, OTT platforms have brought in competition for TV shows.”

Shivaan Shamra’s portrayal of Prince Thakur has won the hearts of the audience, and he continues to captivate viewers with his impeccable performance in Gauna: Ek Pratha.

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