Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Jennifer Winget Praises “Do Gubbare” as a Feel-Good Show with an Interesting Title

Actress Jennifer Winget, who recently mesmerized the audience with her captivating performance in the song “Guli Mata,” graced the special screening of the web series “Do Gubbare” in Mumbai. The talented actress expressed her admiration for the makers of the series, praising them for the unique title and promising a feel-good show.

“Do Gubbare” features a stellar cast, including Mohan Agashe, Siddharth Shaw, Malhaar Rathod, Manasi Parekh, and Hemangi Kavi. The series, helmed by Varun Narvekar, marks his directorial debut in the Hindi webspace. The storyline, penned by Kalyani Pandit along with Varun, revolves around Rohit, a young man who moves from Indore to Pune and becomes a paying guest at Ajoba’s house. Ajoba, an elderly figure, guides and supports Rohit, making his journey into adulthood smoother.

Dressed elegantly in a stunning black top, overcoat, and grey trousers, Jennifer Winget expressed her excitement about the series. “I love the name of the series, ‘Do Gubbare.’ It sets the expectation that it will be a feel-good show, which is rare in today’s era of consuming thrillers and serious content. Watching such heartwarming content, especially during these rainy and cloudy days, warms your heart. I am excited to watch it,” said Jennifer.

Lead actor Siddharth Shaw also shared his enthusiasm for the series, urging the audience to watch it with love. “We have created this series with a lot of heart, and we hope you watch it with the same love. ‘Do Gubbare’ is a nice, feel-good, happy-go-lucky genre kind of series filled with warmth. It revolves around the bond between a young man and an elderly person, two balloons (‘do gubbare’), and their nuances,” Siddharth added.

The series “Do Gubbare” will be available for streaming on JioCinema from 20th July, promising to bring a refreshing and heartwarming experience to its viewers.

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