Housefull at Linen Club Nature inFocus Festival and Awards 2023

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Film screenings, panel discussions, workshops, and awards captivate the audience at Asia’s largest nature and wildlife festival

BENGALURU, India, Aug. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Linen Club Nature inFocus Festival and Awards 2023, presented by Sublime Wilderness Odyssey, held over three days (28, 29, and 30 July 2023) brought together nature enthusiasts, filmmakers, and wildlife experts from all corners of the world.

The festival, which celebrates the beauty and conservation of our natural world under the theme ‘The time for change’, had the audience mesmerized with film screenings, insightful sessions, hands-on workshops, panel discussions, and awards. Each session created more conversation around the overall efforts across individuals, organizations, independent bodies, NGOs, and the government on nature conservation, sustainability, and preservation of indigenous biodiversity. Every discussion also encouraged the audience to think about the contribution to the above and the need to think of a new way of life and threw the spotlight on the real warriors and storytellers of the wild.

One of the key themes of conversation that emerged throughout the sessions each day was the importance of storytelling in all mediums, including filmmaking and pictures that are essential for raising awareness about the challenges faced and successes we need to know about.

Commenting on the success of the festival, Rohit Varma, Founder, Nature inFocus, said, “As a nature and wildlife conservationist, I am thrilled and grateful for the overwhelming love and interest the audience has showered upon us. It is truly heartening to witness the strength of our tribe – a passionate community united by our shared love for nature and wildlife. The audience’s enthusiastic engagement clearly indicates their readiness to actively participate in meaningful conversations that contribute to the vital cause of preserving nature. Their intelligence and insightful questions posed to the panelists reflect their deep concern and dedication to understanding the complex challenges we face in conservation. This inspires us to continue fostering an environment of learning and discovery.”

“We are deeply appreciative of the immense support extended not only to us as organizers but also to all the inspiring speakers who shared their knowledge and experiences during the event. This collective effort reaffirms our belief in the power of unity and collaboration in safeguarding our precious natural heritage. Together, we form a united front, driven by a shared mission to safeguard the delicate balance of our ecosystems and protect the incredible biodiversity that graces our planet. As we look ahead to the next edition, we are committed to further enriching the experience with even more relevant and inspiring conversations. The ever-evolving landscape of conservation demands that we stay attuned to emerging challenges and innovative solutions. Together, we can strive towards better conservation practices and forge a sustainable coexistence with the magnificent wildlife that graces our planet,” Kalyan Varma, Founder, Nature inFocus also added.

Linen Club, the Title Sponsor for the festival, shares Nature inFocus’ love for nature and inclusive living, as linen is an inherently eco-friendly fabric. Furthermore, both Linen Club and Nature inFocus share a common brand ethos of being passionate for what they do, which makes this association really organic. With this endeavour, the aim is to add to the passion for sustainability by igniting conversations around more responsible living with conscious fashion choices.

Stay tuned for more from Nature in Focus.



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