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Abhinay Deo Highlights the Overlooked Contribution of Writers in Filmmaking

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Prolific director Abhinay Deo, known for his content-driven movies, has recently emphasized the often-overlooked role of writers in the film industry. Speaking at the launch of the trailer for his upcoming action thriller “Savi,” which stars Anil Kapoor, Divya Khosla, and Harshvardhan Rane, Deo shed light on the critical contribution of writers and the need to recognize all the technicians involved in the movie-making process.

When asked about why writers tend to be overshadowed by the glamour of the industry and often do not receive the credit they deserve, Abhinay Deo responded, “I agree with you, in our industry, we often don’t talk about writers, but everything starts with the writer. They are the starting point. We are telling stories, and they’re the ones who write the story. And I agree with you that the writer’s contribution is the most in filmmaking. But that is the beginning of the process, and then we all come in and take over everything, people like actors, directors, technicians, and other people, and perhaps they are left behind. Having said that, writers shouldn’t be left behind at all.”

Deo’s comments highlight a crucial aspect of filmmaking that is often neglected. While the final product features the work of actors, directors, and other visible roles, it is the writers who lay the foundation by creating the story. This initial creation is then transformed through the collaborative efforts of a vast team, often comprising over 200-300 people, including producers, technicians, and broadcasters.

Deo elaborated on the collaborative nature of filmmaking, stating, “It’s a team effort, a single man cannot make a movie, a whole team works on it. The process starts with the writer and producer, and from that point till the final product, a film, releases in cinema halls, the whole process which starts with writers and ends up with broadcasters, there are more than 200-300 people involved, and I think we must take this opportunity, to applaud all those technicians, whom we do not talk about ever.”

The trailer for “Savi” introduces audiences to a gripping story about a simple housewife’s daring attempt to jailbreak her husband from a high-security prison in England. Produced by Vishesh Films and T-Series, the film is slated for a May 31, 2024, release and promises to be a thrilling cinematic experience.

Abhinay Deo’s acknowledgment of the writer’s role underscores the importance of recognizing the collaborative effort required in filmmaking. As he champions the contributions of writers and other behind-the-scenes professionals, it sets a precedent for a more inclusive and appreciative industry culture.

Watch the Trailer:

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