Deep in Shanxi with Rees: Shanxi Merchants

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TAIYUAN, China, Aug. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Provincial People’s Government of north China’s Shanxi, produces an immersive experience TV Program to tell the Legendary Story of “Shanxi Merchants” of the Century. 

‘Deep in Shanxi with Rees: Shanxi Merchants’, was officially launched recently online globally. The program has six episodes, each of which lasts about seven minutes. 

Through the experiential, immersive and ongoing exploration by Rees, a British “post-95” young man, the program goes deep into Pingyao Ancient City, Qiao Family Compound and other historical sites to tell the legendary story of the century-old Shanxi Merchants and explore the meaning behind the Shanxi merchants’ exchange firms for exchange and transfer of money,  Shanxi merchants’ residential compounds, customs and cultures. 

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