‘Did not get the due credit of directing the film Section 375, will expose the culprits soon’, Manish Gupta 

Director Manish Gupta who started his career as a screenwriter for the film ‘Sarkar’ claimed that he directed the film Section 375 but was not given the credit for it. But very soon,he will expose the real face of the people behind this.

Director Manish Gupta debuted as a director with the film ‘Darna Zaroori hai’ and recently directed ‘One Friday Night’ starring Raveena Tandon and Milind Soman. He is also the writer of the much acclaimed film ‘Section 375’ . In an exclusive interview, he opened up directing this film as well but not getting the due credit for it.

He said, “I have directed the film section 375 but was not given the credit for it. It was a big scam and I kept quiet that time. They made me sign an NDA and offered me some money and said don’t tell this to the press. But now I will not be quiet anymore. I will expose the real people behind this whole scam. Two people are responsible for this and I will expose them very soon. The person who has been credited as the director of the film is himself a puppet in their hands. These people are big names of the industry and they have done the same thing with many people. Others are scared to expose them but I am not. I will reveal their true identity soon. ‘

He further said, “Script hijacking is a common process of this Industry now. Here you can flourish, if you become a puppet in the hands of some big producer, actor or studios. Corporate studios have destroyed good cinema in our country.’

On the workfront, Manish will soon be directing a suspense film which will be made into a franchise. The film will go on floors next year. 

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