“Abhishek Pictures Calls Out Vijay Deverakonda’s Hypocrisy Over Donation”

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Actor Vijay Deverakonda’s generous act of donating one crore rupees, sourced from the earnings of his film ‘Khushi,’ has unexpectedly attracted significant backlash. The actor, known for his philanthropic endeavors, decided to donate one crore rupees to help 100 needy families as a gesture of sharing his success and happiness.

In a tweet, Vijay Deverakonda announced his donation, stating, “I wanted to share my success & happiness with you, so I decided to share 1 crore from my #Kushi earnings with you. 100 families will be given 1 lakh each! Apply below. It would make me happy if it really helped someone. #SpreadingKushi #DevaraFamily.”

However, this magnanimous act did not sit well with Abhishek Pictures, the distributor of Vijay’s previous film, ‘World Famous Lover.’ The film experienced poor box office performance, leading to significant financial losses for the distributor.

In response to Vijay Deverakonda’s donation, Abhishek Pictures called out the actor for hypocrisy and urged him to consider compensating their losses as well. They tweeted, “Dear @TheDeverakonda, We lost 8 crs in the distribution of #WorldFamousLover, but no one responded over it!! Now as you are donating 1CR to the families with your big heart, Kindly requesting & Hoping for you to save us and our Exhibitors & Distributors families also, Thank you Yours, Abhishek Pictures. #humanity #Love #empathy.”

The request from Abhishek Pictures has yet to receive a response from Vijay Deverakonda, leaving the matter unresolved and sparking discussions about the complexities of philanthropy in the entertainment industry.

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