Zeenat Aman Shares Her Dream Roles from Anarkali to Miranda Priestly and Moira Rose

Legendary actress Zeenat Aman has taken the Instagram world by storm since her recent debut on the platform. Known for her remarkable performances on the silver screen, she continues to captivate hearts with her intriguing anecdotes and treasured moments from the archives. Today, she shared a glimpse of her recent photoshoot, along with a heartfelt caption revealing the iconic roles she has always desired to portray.

In the captivating pictures, Zeenat Aman can be seen exuding elegance in a stunning black dress, adorned with a pearl necklace. Complementing her look is a sophisticated clean bun and trendy sunglasses. Referring to her attire, she expressed her admiration for Audrey Hepburn’s style, saying, “Good morning, everyone. How do you like this look? I find it quite Hepburn inspired! As a model and actor, I find creative collaborations fascinating, as they allow you to see yourself through the eyes of others. Trust and patience are integral to this process.” Also Read: Celebrity Spotted Video: Malaika Arora Spotted At Airport – Unveiling Her Stylish Travel Look

The mention of Audrey Hepburn prompted Zeenat to reflect on the remarkable talents of actors she has admired throughout her career. With great enthusiasm, she shared a list of iconic roles she would have loved to embody on the big screen. The list includes Tanya McQuoid in White Lotus, portrayed brilliantly by Jennifer Coolidge, and Rosie in Guide, brought to life by the ever-graceful Waheeda Rehman. Zeenat also expressed her admiration for the exquisite portrayal of Anarkali in Mughal-e-Azam by the talented Madhubala, and the unflinching performance of Cesira in Two Women by the legendary Sophia Loren.

Additionally, she mentioned the captivating Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada, portrayed with icy nonchalance by Meryl Streep, and the masterful depiction of Shashi Godbole in English Vinglish by the late Sridevi. Zeenat’s list also included Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, famously voiced by Kathleen Turner, and Miss Piggy from The Muppets, a character voiced by various talented artists over the years. To the delight of her fans, she fulfilled their requests by adding the beloved Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek, portrayed brilliantly by Catherine O’Hara. Zeenat took a moment to appreciate the remarkable acting prowess of these women and acknowledged the enduring impact of the characters they brought to life.

Unsurprisingly, Zeenat Aman’s post immediately garnered an outpouring of admiration from her fans. Many enthusiastically contributed to her list of iconic roles, suggesting additional characters that would have been perfect for her. One user mentioned Queen Elizabeth from the Netflix series The Crown, portrayed with brilliance by Olivia Colman, while another fan couldn’t help but imagine Zeenat as Moira and Miranda Priestly, emphasizing how perfect she would have been in those roles. The comments section also highlighted Smita Patil’s effortless competence in the Marathi film Umbartha, where she portrayed the character of Savitri.

Zeenat Aman’s aspirations and her admiration for these iconic characters have struck a chord with her followers, who eagerly await her next endeavor. Her list of dream roles showcases the profound impact these characters have had on her and pays tribute to the timeless performances that will continue to resonate for decades to come.

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