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With Sponsorship During the Cannes Film Festival, TCL Reiterates Industry Leading Color Expression Capabilities

Pioneering Mini LED and QLED technology and AiPQ processor that take movie watching to the next level thanks to the ability to display over a billion colors

HONG KONG, May 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TCL, a world’s top two TV brand and top one 98-inch TV brand, allows users to see life on screen in the vivid spectrum of over a billion different hues, thanks to the exceptional color enhancement technology of its recently released 2023 TV C series line up. Sponsoring the China Pavilion at the acclaimed Cannes Film Festival 2023 earlier this month, TCL endorses the power of film to inspire audiences, when combined with the exceptional display technology and accurate color expression vital to bringing movies to life.

According to the Global Display Device Market Report 2023[1], the global display device market is set to attain a value of USD 195.11 billion within the next five years, thanks to the rising demand for advanced display technologies, as consumers increasingly seek devices with superior picture quality, better resolution and improved color accuracy. Combining Mini LED backlight and upscaling from AiPQ, TCL raises the bar of exceptional display picture quality with assorted TV line up.

Mini LED and QLED Technology for a Vibrant Viewing Experience 

TCL is leading the industry when it comes to Mini LED and QLED technology which offer a far a superior picture quality and color performance when compared to traditional LCD screens, thanks to increased brightness levels allowing for high and precise contrast, better uniformity, and outstanding color expression.

The full TCL C Series line up, including the premium TCL C845 Mini LED TV, QLED 4K TV C745 and QLED 4K TV C645, all come equipped with Quantum Dot technology renowned for having far improved color gamut and volume than conventional LCDs, with over a billion colors to produce incredibly true-to-life imagery.   

Also found in the C series, the intelligent AiPQ Processor 3.0 has a specific algorithm for color expression, known as Ai-COLOR which perceives images as the human eye does, by recreating images via tuning multiple specs including color volume, saturation, and contrast

Cannes Film Festival Partnership Demonstrates TCL’s Commitment to Bring the Cinematic Experience to Home Audiences Everywhere

TCL understands the transformative power of film, and how highly precise color expression is important to setting the tone and timeframe of a scene in order for audiences to truly believe in what they are seeing. Earlier this month, TCL sponsored the China Pavilion at the acclaimed Cannes Film Festival 2023, proving its dedication to deliver the most immersive viewing experiences – which TCL proudly brings to audiences across the globe thanks to a home theatre line which rivals the silver screen.

For a truly cinematic experience, TCL’s XL Collection, from 65-inch to all the way up to 98-inch, promise theatre-like immersion without any loss of detail. When sitting approximately three meters away from the 98-inch TV, users enjoy the same 60-degrees field of view akin to watching a 30-meters screen from the middle row, center seats at a movie theater.

Elevate the viewing experience by witnessing a world of endless color with the TCL C Series line up, rolling out to global markets over the course of the next few months.

*Product functionalities and specifications vary between countries/regions.

About TCL Electronics

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