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What’s in their stars? Dr. Neelam Rohira predicts what’s in store for Vivian Dsena, Anu Agarwal, Ranveer Singh and Yash Patnaik in 2023

By rakeshsharma Dec21,2022 #Vivian Dsena

Everyone is looking forward to 2023 with lots of hopes and expectations. We are also keen on knowing what’s in store in the coming year for our favourite celebs. Dr Neelam Rohira, Mindfulness coach, Transformational Therapist and Tarot Card Reader, shares 2023 predictions of Vivian Dsena, Anu Agarwal, Ranveer Singh and Yash Patnaik. Read on to find out more:

Ranveer Singh
The tarot spread suggests that you are in the process of weighing up pros and cons of a certain situation. A decision has to be reached through careful consideration and you must balance both how you feel and how others might react before you make your final choice. You have reached a stage of psychic maturity and your mind is attuned to your true purpose in life. The cards spread of 2023 suggests the possibility of gain and success, and yet success might not be what you expected. Some delays are indicated. Your mind and heart are running in opposite directions that could instigate you to make wrong choices that could affect your career, so pause and think before you jump. More importantly, there are indications of money deals or the possibility of you entering some form of partnership agreement, and the card wishes to warn you of the possible pitfalls ahead, keep your legal paperwork strong and be practical about it. In business, there is a strong possibility that you will find that all the work you had done in the past was actually not all in vain. Those efforts are about to bring their just rewards, perhaps in the form of financial gifts, 2023 sends a message to balance your heart and head to achieve success as a lot of choices are universally in your hands. There is an aura of contentment, emotional stability, success and happiness and this should also promote good health. Yes, it looks as if your dearest wish is about to come true for you.

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Vivian Dsena
The spread starts with – What you thought was a sure thing may turn out to be not so. Existing or business deals that seemed so certain could show signs of wavering and might soon disappear from your life or change irreparably. Bearing this in mind, it helps to prepare for the future by looking out for new opportunities. One of them might even be better than the original. The card spread says you could be given two equally tempting job offers or contracts and you aren’t sure which one to take so make sure to get some quiet time and reflect on your situation. Even better, sleep on it and notice your first thoughts on it upon waking. Be prepared to discuss your ideas with friends and loved ones, too, and you will soon have a solid understanding of what’s best for you. Tarot advises to take wisdom from others before making decisions. Things have come full circle so celebrate this completed cycle by congratulating yourself on how far you’ve come and enjoy a sense of achievement. Meanwhile, your mind may already be jumping ahead to the next opportunity and the challenges and rewards it offers. The spread denotes and encourages you to reflect on your work/life balance. If the scales are inclined in the direction of your career, then other aspects of your life may begin to suffer. If so, take time to reflect on how you can change things for the better. During May / June, you may face a stumbling block or find that your path is dogged, it’s time to affirm your goal or desired outcome without forcing it in the midst of unforeseen problems as that will keep you on track. This difficult time will soon pass and you’ll be on your way again. You’re adept at handling business matters with natural understanding of how to amass wealth. This makes you a natural choice when it comes to running your own business or taking the first steps towards getting proposals to move your way. The card says it’s a call to explore this side of yourself and put it on display. Showcase your management and other abilities and you can’t lose. 2023 will help you grow. Only tip is that balancing is required in receiving what you desire.

Anu Aggarwal
The card spread denotes the culmination of a long process, things reaching completion and fulfilment. You have fought the good fight for many years, and your reward is not far away. All your confusion will be made clear, and your wounds will be healed. You have reached the place that you have sought for a long time. The Universal card represents good fortune and abundance coming into your life. The wishes that you made long ago are now coming into existence, and you feel like a child again. The heavens have aligned in your favour, and the universe returns the good things that you have put out in the world with your good karma. During May, June and July, be a little cautious about your health and practice mindfulness. Some cards signify alteration in the basic forces at work in a situation. What was true a few weeks ago is not the case today, and you can use the evolving situation to your advantage. Ask yourself what might be possible today that was not necessarily the case in the past. Then you will be able to accomplish what you want without negative consequences. The spread for 2023 indicates success and prosperity, the outcome of hard work. You have struggled to improve your career, finances, and relationships, and now you begin to see the fruits of your actions. Take heart in this joyful time, and remember to celebrate your good luck with your friends. It is rare in this world that one receives unconditional good and blessings. The Universe will provide for all of your needs be it emotional, physical or spiritual. You will appreciate the beauty and harmony in the world and live your life in a spirit of gratitude. You will experience greater luxury and abundance in your life, which will put you in a better position. Your guides are always surrounding you.

Yash Patnaik (Producer)
The reading of the cards suggests you possess inherent good judgment, in the form of strong intuition they indicate that reason should take second place to instinct. Your head must trust in the wisdom of your heart for a change. The female essence in the cards suggests lady luck and her presence in certain parts of your spread could be indicative of someone close to you coming to your rescue with their own intuition. Intuition is most effective at seeing what is hidden behind your close country. 2023 showcases a new beginning in some form, and the spread of cards suggests a strong positive one for you. Your life is about to enter a very productive period, or at least a period that will see your work rewarded in good measure to the level of work you are willing to perform. This period will also see most of your relationships on a stable ground, and, despite the hard work you may be doing, you will be very content with your situation. Karma is on your side which is a very good card to find in your spread and, April, May and June are the karmic period. June / July of 2023 suggests significant pain in your life. This pain is likely to be caused by, or the result of, conflict, perhaps due to disrupted partnership or friendship. This pain may be a part of a new beginning, but you must face your pain honestly to overcome it. Something in your life is not what it seems — perhaps a misunderstanding on your part, or a truth you cannot admit to yourself. It may also indicate something important being kept from you by another. This may be a source of worry in your life, and the Moon is a strong indicator that you must rely on your intuition to see through the deceit. Confidence, reliability, success, wealth and progress are key words of 2023. The abundance justly earned through your own sweat and labour will be highly rewarding.

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