Celebs share one thing they would wish to achieve before they die!

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Everyone has a bucket list and everyone wants to lead a happy, comfortable, and luxurious life, but we all have that one thing on our list that we want to achieve before we are on our deathbeds. Here’s what these celebrities would like to achieve before they die:

Subuhii Joshii: Whatever money I earn I make sure I spend a part of it or I would say most of the part in traveling because I believe if you don’t travel the world, then what have you done? Why are you earning money? Just to eat? So I would definitely want to travel the world and my dream is to travel to every city and country before I die.

Aadesh Chaudhary: I have some things which I want to achieve, not my goal but my dream. One is traveling the world and opening an NGO in my father’s name. That has been on my mind. So I want to fulfill that before I die.

Mitaali Nag: I want to have my own animal farm which will take in rescued animals and treat them and give them a better life.

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Charrul Malik: I really wish from the bottom of my heart to travel the world. This is my wish that I want to fulfill. Travel to each and every country and city without my phone. No stories and no posts. If I want to click that would be for my memories, with nothing to be posted on any platform.
Karan Singh Chhabra: I would like to buy a spacious flat in Mumbai (laughs). Baki sab asaan hai, Mumbai main flat lena is as tough as climbing Everest. Also, doing a Rajkumar Hirani Film is on my list.
Nirisha Basnett: I want to be on the world stage and see my parents applaud from the crowd and live their dream that they had for themselves but couldn’t fulfill because they sacrificed it all for us. Also, I want to fulfill their wish of me getting married to a good person and them becoming grandparents. No amount of material possession or experience will beat the joy I will see in their eyes playing with their grandkids and living a comfortable life.

Akash Sharma: Before I die I want to make my family and people proud so they always love me & always remember me.That includes being a nice person and a helpful person And a man with a strong personality who takes a decision and leaves it after completing it.

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