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“Actor Shaan Mishra Shares Love for Monsoon Season and Childhood Memories”


Actor Shaan Mishra shares his fondness for the monsoon season, citing it as one of his favorite times of the year. Growing up in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, in the hilly region, Shaan has experienced the beauty of monsoons in a picturesque setting. He admires the pleasant atmosphere, the rain, and the cloudy skies, which add to the allure of nature during this season. Although shooting outdoors can be challenging during the monsoon, Shaan appreciates the respite it offers from the scorching summer heat. He finds joy in staying at home, indulging in chai (tea) and pakoras (fried snacks), and enjoying a good web series on cozy days. Despite the messiness caused by muddy roads, he cherishes the monsoon season for its beauty.