Actor Shaan Mishra Defends Sheezan Khan

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Actor Shaan Mishra, who is a close friend of troubled actor Sheezan Khan, defends his involved with Tunisha Sharma’s suicide, claims he is caring and decent human, who is not capable of hurting someone’s feelings.

Tunisha Sharma’s demise has left Sharma clan and Khan clan warring, both the parties have slammed one another and accused with mind-boggling accusations. Now, actor Shaan Mishra adds some light to whole matter.

While interacting with NewsHelpline, we asked Shaan about Sheezan Khan and Tunisha Sharma’s his off-screen relationship, and he said, “I don’t know if Tunisha and Sheezan were dating or in relationship, but if Sheezan was dating her, and knowing him the way I know him, he is very caring, so he would have been caring and sensitive towards Tunisha. I don’t think he could hurt her or be rude, he is such a nice guy”

Further adding, Shaan said while Tunisha was in hospital Sheezan was there looking after things. “When I saw Sheezan after the incident, he was broken and devastated, I don’t think I have ever seen him like that before, totally shattered. He was begging the doctors to their best”

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Clearing the air about alleged tussle on the sets between Sheezan and Tunisha, which led the actress to hang herself, actor Shaan said, “I asked him about what happened, and he said that they all were laughing and doing ‘masti’ on the set. It was a good atmosphere. He even told me that Tunisha made a video on her phone with him for a reel. There was no fight or argument between them.”

Sheezan Khan’s family, including mother Kehkashan, sisters actors Shafaq Naaz and Falaq Naaz–and lawyer Shailendra Mishra rubbished allegations of love jihad as they broke their silence on the matter.

While, Tunisha’s mother and her uncle has claimed emotional, mental and physical torture from Khan.

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