“Actor Shaan Mishra Shares Love for Monsoon Season and Childhood Memories”

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Actor Shaan Mishra shares his deep appreciation for the monsoon season, considering it one of his favorite times of the year. Growing up in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, a hilly region known for its scenic beauty, Shaan has been fortunate to witness the best of monsoons.

“The monsoon is one of my favorite seasons. The atmosphere is very good. And as I am from the hills, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, I have grown up in the cold. It’s beautiful to see nature, rain, and cloudy skies,” Shaan expresses with enthusiasm. He further adds, “Especially during the monsoons, Dehradun is truly worth it. The clouds, the greenery, the lakes—everything is very enchanting, and I just love it. There are many things that make you appreciate everything in the monsoon. Even Mumbai’s rain feels very good.”

However, shooting outdoors during the monsoon season can pose challenges. Shaan acknowledges the issues that arise during shoots but notes the respite it offers from the scorching summer. “There are a lot of problems during shoots, but you definitely escape the summer. You also get to go for a drive,” he says. Although Shaan considers himself a workaholic who prefers not to rest, he admits that there are days when he feels like staying at home, indulging in chai (tea) with pakoras (fritters), and watching a good web series. It’s a cozy day for him, filled with moments of meditation and listening to good music.

While Shaan’s favorite season is winter, he also loves the monsoons. However, he acknowledges the challenges posed by muddy roads, unhygienic conditions, potholes, and waterlogging. In this regard, he emphasizes the importance of improving public transportation and infrastructure to ensure hassle-free travel for citizens. Shaan believes that the government should address these issues and work towards creating better transportation systems.

Reflecting on his childhood memories, Shaan fondly recalls the joys of growing up in the hills. “I have many memories from my childhood, as I am from the hills. Sometimes it would rain only in certain areas, but we used to enjoy it a lot. We used to play football. During school days, we used to have a football tournament, and it would rain, which was the best thing. We used to go cycling in the rain,” he shares.

Shaan’s love for the monsoon season and his cherished childhood memories underscore the beauty and joy associated with this time of the year.

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