Somy Ali on Besharam Rang controversy: It is once again the quintessential hypocrisy that we often see by people who have nothing better to do

Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film Pathaan has been courting controversy for its latest song ‘Besharam Rang’ featuring the actor and Deepika Padukone. It got many different reactions on Twitter. While some felt it is a parody of the Ghungroo song from the film, War, some found the beat similar to the ‘Makeba’ song. Recently, an FIR has been filed against a Twitter handle that shared a portion of the song where Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath’s face has been superimposed on Deepika’s face. Many have also objected to the actor wearing a saffron bikini. Bollywood actor turned humanitarian Somy Ali, who now runs her NGO, No More Tears, speaks on the same.

“It is once again the quintessential hypocrisy that we often see by people who have nothing better to do. I have never seen anyone dance like that and be in better shape than Deepika and Shah Rukh and I can’t wait to watch the movie. You can see their endless effort and hard work when one sees the trailer of the song. I am going to use that video to motivate me to work harder to get in better shape and as a viewer for me it’s nothing less than spectacular. These same people who criticise the song and the movie are the ones who will be watching it over and over again,” she says.

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Somy feels that there is nothing controversial in the song, to begin with. “Rather it oozes talent from the choreographer’s end and both the actors. It’s just that simple. Rather than focussing on crimes against women’s rights and children these people with apparently a whole lot of time on their hands would rather pick on something they can’t achieve, not even come close to. I don’t get why we can’t be happy when someone depicts so much talent and shows how hard they have worked? It’s beyond my comprehension. I am cheering for Deepika all the way as she has blown my mind with her dance and figure,” she adds.

On whether wearing a bikini or the colour should be made into an issue, she explains, “This is so laughable that it is difficult to even consider it warranting an answer. She could have been wearing any colour and these people would have created an issue with it. And I can guarantee it that they are the same people who will be watching the movie and waiting for the song. It’s hypocrisy at its best, nothing else. I commend both the actors and fortunately they are both highly educated individuals to look beyond this rubbish and enjoy their success.”

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