Bhumika Chawla: We have ruthlessly let social media invade our privacy

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Actress Bhumika Chawla, who was last seen in the film Sita Raman and Operation Romeo says that social media today has become so important. She says that we are the ones who have made it top priority in our lives, and this needs to change.

“We have ruthlessly let social media invade our privacy and we are at fault. It has to be a conscious effort every time to go off. Relationships are now in a state of emotional drought and so are our minds. Unhealthy and not stimulated enough by books, nature and great conversations,” she says.

Personal relationships are as important, says Bhumika adding, “Balancing both professionals and the personal side of life is very important, pursuit of your dreams isn’t wrong as long as you are giving the required amount of time and honest love to relations and not being self-absorbed.”

She says, “We have become slaves of mobiles and technology. People just don’t know when to stop. I find having notifications on is the worst you can do and as you open the mobile or tab, there is this monstrous barrage of notifications. I have seen families sitting together at tables in restaurants with phones in hand and I find that ridiculous. We should use it only if needed not to click pics there and then to update immediately. The SMS days were good, these days a message is sent in 10-15 messages, hi, how are you? How’s your day? So on and so forth. I do check my phone at times but I also leave it most of the time. It has to be a conscious effort to let go.”

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The actress says that she makes sure to keep her phone away whenever she can. “I check my apps when I want and go off when I feel they are becoming too much on my system and daily life. It’s absolutely true that we all have become addicted to technology. I keep my phone on silent all the time. Rarely, is it audible. I know a few people who are not on social media and my respect for them is far higher than those who have millions of followers. The ones who don’t have these social media accounts are one in a billion and are the ones who are living life truly,” she says.

Meanwhile, the actress is known to keep a very low profile. Talking about the same, she says, “I am a mix of an introvert and an extrovert depending on the situation. Though I am on social media, I still like to keep my personal life very personal and try to keep it lowkey. When I work then it’s nice to talk more about the film. Staying connected with my well-wishers is something that I occasionally do.”

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