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Somy Ali: Manisha Koirala was the only one who stood by me in Bollywood

Actor turned activist Somy Ali often uses her social media to put spotlight on how going got rough for her in Bollywood in 1990s, and now has revealed that it was just actor Manisha Koirala who took a stand for her.
Ali came to Mumbai in 1991 and featured in movies such as Krishan Avtaar (1993), Anth (1994) and Chupp (1997) before moving to the US in 1999. In fact, she recently stirred a frenzy when she called actor Salman Khan a ‘male chauvinist’, accusing him of physical abuse.
But amid all the sour memories, she has one bond which she cherishes in her heart. And it is with Koirala as she stood by her side when no one did.

“It is imperative to mention that the only actor who took a stand for me in spite of the risk of ruining a relationship with a very huge actor was Manisha Koirala. She stood up for me and for my self-respect like no one else ever did. I will always and eternally be grateful to her for that and she knows exactly the incident I am referring to,” Ali said.
The actor tried to reconnect with her when she heard about Koirala’s cancer diagnosis, but was disappointed that she didn’t get a response.

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She reveals, “I found out about Manisha in 2012 which is when she was diagnosed. I had no way of contacting her because I was not in contact with anyone from Mumbai once I left as my departure was under very dire circumstances. I did try to reach out to her to wish her well on messenger via FB, but I did not get a response. Either way, I wish her well and I know she is doing well and thriving which is all that truly matters.”
Somy, who reportedly used to date actor Salman Khan back in the day, also spoke about her friend circle in the industry between 1991 and 1999, saying, “My friend circle during my time there was Raveena Tandon, Tabu, Manisha, a little bit of time spent with Pooja, and I was very close to Manish Malhotra and Karan Johar. Circumstances and negative influencers enabled me to make mistakes as a dumb teenager which changed the dynamics between the above-mentioned friend circle forever”.
She continues, “I miss them and wish them the best and I am beyond proud of what Karan and Manish Malhotra have accomplished. It’s simply remarkable”. Here, she asserts that she is not trying to find a way back into their circle.
“I would also like to emphasise and make it extremely clear that I do not want anything from any of the above-mentioned people. I am simply sharing my past and I want them to know how proud I am of them,” Somy ends.

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