Sajid Khan makes fun of Sumbul Toqueer’s father, irks her fans!

While filmmaker Sajid Khan is often guiding contestants in the Bigg Boss’ house, with or without their permission, he seems to have gone too far this time with actress Sumbul Touqeer. In a task in yesterday’s episode, Sumbul received a letter from her father. The task was to not react to the letter being read out, and she did that to the best of her abilities. However, Sajid seemed to be in a mood to correct her and started to point out where she went wrong.

We also see Sajid making fun of her father’s letter, the language that he uses and it’s appalling. The actress’ fans also seem to be shocked at this and Twitter is rife with posts about the same. Actress Kamya Panjabi wrote, “Well I don’t think #Sumbul ne react kiya, and now Sajid is doing the same thing he did with #Abdu n #Nimrit (sic).”

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For the uninitiated, Sajid was pulled up by Salman Khan a week back when he had tried to ‘guide’ Abdu Rozik and Nimrit Ahluwalia, forcing them to clear their equation. Well, it seems like Sajid needs to find another hobby in the Bigg Boss house because this doesn’t seem to be cutting it for him.

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