Shivin Narang Embraces the Changing Landscape of Entertainment, Supports OTT Platforms

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Actor Shivin Narang, known for his versatile performances in television shows and films, believes in embracing the evolving landscape of entertainment. As OTT platforms gain popularity, Shivin shares his insights on the changing dynamics of the industry and the coexistence of cinema and digital streaming.

In a candid conversation, Shivin discusses the symbiotic relationship between cinema and OTT. While some believe that OTT platforms have replaced the need for films in theatres, Shivin disagrees. He acknowledges that certain film genres, which offer larger-than-life experiences, require a specific production level and budget. As the audience is divided between both cinema and OTT, Shivin emphasizes that both platforms need each other for successful filmmaking.

Having been part of various television shows and films, Shivin enjoys both watching movies in theatres and on OTT platforms. He appreciates the grand experience that cinema halls offer, while acknowledging the unique charm of watching films at home. He believes that individual preferences depend on the type of experience one desires.

The actor also shares his observations on the changing movie-watching habits. With movies being readily available on OTT platforms, some people are hesitant to visit theatres due to the high cost of food items and other expenses. He highlights human psychology, where easy accessibility tends to influence decision-making.

Discussing the positive impact of OTT platforms, Shivin appreciates their role in showcasing new talent, fresh stories, and diverse perspectives. As he himself gears up for his OTT debut in the web series “Criminal Minds,” Shivin is supportive of the platform’s benefits in promoting new actors and narratives.

While he acknowledges the convenience and comfort offered by OTT platforms, Shivin emphasizes that cinema remains an unmatched larger-than-life experience. He believes that movies featuring stars like Shah Rukh Khan have the potential to revive footfall in theatres. Shivin suggests that promoting films in a larger-than-life format, similar to Hollywood, can revitalize the theatre experience and cater to the audience seeking grand cinematic moments.

As the entertainment industry continues to evolve, Shivin Narang’s optimistic approach to both cinema and OTT platforms showcases his support for the changing landscape. With “Criminal Minds” set to mark his digital debut, audiences can look forward to witnessing Shivin’s talent in a whole new dimension.

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