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Haider and Dua’s Turbulent Relationship Takes Center Stage in “Rabb Se Hai Dua”

The latest episodes of “Rabb Se Hai Dua” have witnessed the unfolding of complex relationships and simmering emotions, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. As Haider and Dua’s tumultuous relationship takes center stage, Gazal’s cunning tactics and Noor’s mysterious behavior add layers of intrigue to the storyline.

In the midst of the family’s business dealings, Haider confronts Gazal, urging her to focus solely on the business and not disappoint Heena. Gazal, seemingly motivated by her personal agenda, agrees to cooperate but harbors a hidden grudge against Dua.

As Gazal prepares to leave, Haider makes a surprising decision and instructs her to hand over the keys to Dua. However, Dua, hurt by Haider’s actions, refuses to accept the keys. She expresses that material possessions do not bring her happiness or pride; instead, she values loyalty and their relationship. Feeling betrayed, Dua leaves Haider pained by her revelations.

Meanwhile, Noor’s distracted behavior catches Kaynat’s attention, and her suspicion grows as she tries to uncover Noor’s secrets. Unaware of Kaynat’s watchful eyes, Noor engages in a video call with Aijaz, leaving her visibly flustered and uncomfortable. Aijaz’s flirtatious comments hint at a hidden agenda, and he mentions a plan to meet Noor with Ruhan’s assistance.

In another twist, Gazal’s room reveals bundles of money, and Haider’s sister, Heena, warns her not to waste a single rupee and embarrass the family. Gazal, with an ulterior motive in mind, assures Heena of her intentions and determination to defeat Dua in the business.

As Dua becomes increasingly anxious about the business’s future, she decides to take matters into her own hands and withdraws 10 lakh rupees from the funds to purchase fabric for the entire year. Montages show Dua diligently working on her embroidery setups and creating designs, showcasing her determination to contribute to the business.

The complexities of Gazal’s character come to the forefront as Ruhan becomes suspicious of her deep involvement in Haider’s business. Gazal, fearful of revealing her true feelings for Haider, convinces Ruhan that her actions are motivated by securing his future and safeguarding the family’s interests.

As tensions escalate, the family gathers in the hall, and Haider expresses his dissatisfaction with Ravi’s designs. However, Gazal intervenes, claiming to have hired a top designer who has crafted new designs. Dadi, curious to meet this designer, challenges Gazal to prove her claim.

As the story continues to unfold, “Rabb Se Hai Dua” promises riveting drama, emotional confrontations, and unexpected revelations that will keep viewers hooked to their screens.

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