Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput Attend Ruhaan Kapoor and Manukriti Pahwa’s Wedding Bash

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Mumbai, India – Ruhaan Kapoor and Manukriti Pahwa, the newlyweds, hosted a splendid wedding celebration in Mumbai that attracted a host of celebrities from the entertainment industry. Among the notable guests in attendance were Shahid Kapoor, the half-brother of the groom, and his wife, Mira Rajput. The event also saw the presence of veteran actors Ratna Pathak Shah and Naseeruddin Shah, along with their son, Imaad Shah.

Ruhaan Kapoor, the son of Bollywood actor Sanjay Kapoor, tied the knot with Manukriti Pahwa in a private and elegant ceremony. The couple’s wedding reception was a star-studded affair, graced by the presence of esteemed personalities from the film and television industry.

Shahid Kapoor, who is known for his impressive acting skills and charismatic presence, arrived at the event with his wife, Mira Rajput. The couple looked resplendent as they congratulated the newlyweds and shared warm moments with family and friends.

Ratna Pathak Shah, a versatile actress renowned for her remarkable performances, attended the celebration with her husband, Naseeruddin Shah, an iconic figure in Indian cinema. Their son, Imaad Shah, an accomplished actor and musician, also joined the festivities, adding to the glamour of the event.

The wedding bash of Ruhaan Kapoor and Manukriti Pahwa was a delightful union of two families and a memorable gathering of celebrities. It was a testament to the enduring charm of Bollywood, where star-studded events like these continue to captivate and enchant audiences.

As Ruhaan Kapoor and Manukriti Pahwa embark on their journey together, their wedding celebration served as a joyous occasion for family, friends, and the film fraternity to come together and celebrate their love. The presence of Shahid Kapoor, Mira Rajput, Ratna Pathak Shah, Naseeruddin Shah, and Imaad Shah added a touch of glamour and prestige to this special day.

The couple’s wedding reception was an intimate affair filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories, marking the beginning of a beautiful chapter in their lives.

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