Falaq Naaz on completing 12 years in the industry: Now people know me by my name Falaq and not any character’s name

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Actress Falaq Naaz has completed 12 years in the industry. She says that over the years, she has been lucky to play some beautiful characters.

“This is my 12-year journey, and I will say that I have played many characters, many beautiful, beautiful characters throughout. I have always been choosy about my work, and I believe I have done good work. People remember the work I have done. It all started with the show “Sasural Simar Ka,” which is the biggest one because it gave me recognition as Jahnvi in front of everyone. After that, I’ve played such beautiful characters, which means I can say that young people, especially like the character I did in “Devki.” I really enjoyed that character,” she says.

Talking about her experience in Bigg Boss OTT2, she says, “The Bigg Boss experience was very nice throughout the journey. It’s very good for an individual, and you know that the trophy doesn’t matter that much. The biggest trophy, I think in life, is when you find yourself and you find inner peace. So, I feel that Bigg Boss was a platform that was very important for me at that time.”

She adds, “People’s reactions have been very nice. They have said such warm things. I didn’t expect so much love. Bigg Boss is a show where either you become completely negative or you come out as a very good person. So, for me, it was a gamble. But I didn’t take so much stress inside. I was just being me, doing what I felt, and I left everything else to the higher power.”

Ask her how she feels the industry has changed, and she says, “We have grown, and competition was not as tough when we started. At that time, the industry was running with selected people. Earlier only talent would prevail. But now there are many shows, many actors and many producers. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. I feel earlier there used to be peace but now there is a lot of chaos everywhere. Everyone is just seen running.”

Talking about completing this milestone, she says, “It feels good. I didn’t know that I would make it till here but I am happy and truly grateful to be here. Now people know me, my audience knows me by my name Falaq and not any character’s name. After 12 years, I think this should be a time to celebrate. It is a very big milestone for me.”

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