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Seerat Kapoor talks about doing films irrespective of language barriers, her experience working in Bollywood and Tollywood films, says, “It is important for us as creatives to consciously keep away from fixed boxes”

By rakeshsharma Jan9,2023

Seerat Kapoor’s alluring beauty has gained a place in the hearts of the audience as the actress climbs the ladder of success each day. After receiving a tremendous response for her dedication and her outstanding acting skills in the Tollywood and Bollywood industries, the actress opens up about how there shouldn’t be any comparison between the South and the Bollywood industries, how each has a different audience, and much more.

Actress Seerat Kapoor has time and again impressed fans with her work. From starring in several South films to making her big Bollywood debut with Maarrich, the actress has established herself as one of the industry’s most beloved actors. Talking about doing both Bollywood and Tollywood films, the actress says, “It lands at the character for me. The script and the collective teams vision is what matters in a story, not the language.”

The actress further added, “I have grown up in Mumbai but my career commenced in the South film industry. When you work in different industries, you realize each has a particular way of presenting stories to their audiences. Whether it’s the lingo, culture, style of songs and on some occasions even the expression.”

Both industries have their own magic, audience and strengths. So I believe it is important for us as creatives to consciously keep away from fixed boxes and embrace an open mind.”

In terms of her professional career, Seerat Kapoor will soon be playing the female lead in Dil Raju’s next production venture, which is yet to be titled.

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