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Instead of focusing on Deepika’s bikini, we should focus on issues like unemployment, hunger in the country: Nikkita Ghag

By rakeshsharma Jan9,2023

Nikkita Ghag supports Pathan by wearing a saffron-colored bikini!

Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan starrer film Pathan has been in controversy for a long time, from politicians to big personalities have given statements regarding the controversy of this film, some people are supporting Pathan and some people are strongly oppose Pathan. The film is being opposed due to the fact that Deepika was seen in a saffron-colored bikini in Pathan’s first song Besharam Rang. Many organizations like Hindu organizations are protesting against ‘Pathan’ for insulting Hindu religiosity by wearing saffron-colored bikinis.

A few days ago, model and actress Nikkita Ghag gave a statement regarding the film’s controversy. And she has denied the protest against the film and has supported the film by wearing a saffron-colored bikini on the beach.

When we had a conversation with Nikkita, she said that “Colour has no religion. It has its importance in every religion, although it depends on where and when it is used and applied. For example, in Hinduism, the color orange is a symbol of sacrifice. It is a holy and auspicious color. But that doesn’t mean that using it in a bikini or as a tablecloth in one’s home diminishes the importance of the color.”

He further added that “if we decide to move beyond religion, color or caste-based disagreements and accept the basic concept of humanity then maybe things will change. And instead of focusing on Deepika’s bikini, we should focus on important issues like hunger, rape cases, and unemployment in the country.

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