Ruhaan Saapru: From Engineering to Acting, A Dream Come True with Balaji’s Kalash..

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Ruhaan Saapru, a promising actor of Kashmiri pandit descent, grew up in Pune surrounded by a family of engineers and doctors. The expectations set by his family’s traditional career choices posed a challenge for Ruhaan, but his passion for acting prevailed.

“At first, it was a tough decision to pursue my acting dreams, especially when all the boys in my family became engineers, and the girls chose careers in medicine. However, I decided to become a mechanical engineer to meet their expectations and then ventured to fulfill my aspirations in acting,” Ruhaan shares.

His journey into the entertainment industry began during his mid-school days when he discovered an interest in modeling. While his friends hung out, Ruhaan focused on working out and honing his modeling skills. At the age of 17, he ventured into the world of modeling and eventually achieved his mother’s wish of becoming a Gladrags Model. The coveted title marked a turning point in Ruhaan’s life, and he shifted to Mumbai to explore opportunities in the showbiz world.

During his engineering years, Ruhaan noticed promotional campaigns for the beauty pageant ‘Mr and Miss Pune,’ which piqued his interest. Determined to chase another dream, he participated and emerged victorious as ‘Mr. Pune’ after an impressive performance in all three rounds.

Ruhaan’s aspirations reached new heights when he collaborated with the renowned Ekta Kapoor in Balaji’s Kalash- Ek Vishwas. The opportunity was a dream come true for the aspiring actor, who not only made new friends but also learned from experienced actors on the set. “Working with Balaji Productions was like a dream come true. The experience was enriching, and I look forward to collaborating with them again in the future,” Ruhaan beams.

After his successful stint in Kalash, Ruhaan aimed to explore film projects. He shot for a Hindi film, ‘Teen Pakau in Macau,’ and a Telugu film, ‘Porivernam.’ However, the pandemic disrupted their progress, causing a temporary pause. Despite this setback, Ruhaan remains optimistic and eager to take on new opportunities once the situation normalizes.

Reflecting on the changes in the industry over the years, Ruhaan acknowledges the positive impact of OTT platforms, which have created more job opportunities. In today’s scenario, he believes that character depth and relatability matter more than traditional heroism. Ruhaan notes that having good looks may not always guarantee success in the industry, as actors must demonstrate versatility and fit into diverse roles.

As Ruhaan Saapru continues to chase his dreams and explore new horizons, his journey from engineering to acting serves as a testament to his determination and passion for the craft. The talented actor remains steadfast in his pursuit of carving a unique and successful path in the entertainment industry.

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