Puneet Dixit: Finding Inspiration in Doctors’ Passion for Music

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Renowned composer-singer Puneet Dixit, famous for his work in Bollywood, recently embraced a new role as a judge in the esteemed Voice of Doctors event. The event, dedicated to doctors with a profound love for music, left Puneet deeply inspired by their determination and passion for the art form.

“As a music director in Bollywood, I come across various professionals related to my field, and many of them happen to be doctors with a unique passion for music. Witnessing their dedication to following their artistic pursuits despite their demanding and stressful schedules truly inspires me. The six-month-long grand music battle, Voice of Doctors, is now reaching its thrilling Grand Finale,” Puneet shares with enthusiasm.

Having witnessed the auditions on the docsCME app for the Eternal Voice of Doctors, Puneet is excited about the charged atmosphere and the increasing intensity of the competition. As the Grand Finale approaches, all the talented finalists from the preliminary rounds will undergo a pre-finale contest where Puneet, along with other jury members, will evaluate their remarkable talents.

During the event, Puneet takes the opportunity to make a special and significant announcement. Responding to the demand of medical and dental students, Dr. Jeetendra Makkar, Dr. Saurabh Jain, and Dr. Gaurav have decided to organize Voice Of Medicos. The official announcement will be made during the Grand Finale scheduled for July 30. Puneet is confident that just like the organizers’ dedication to the Voice of Doctors, Voice Of Medicos will set new standards and become an extraordinary competition filled with fun, music, and excitement.

For Puneet, music has been an integral part of his life, and he draws inspiration from legendary artists like Alka Yagnik, Kumar Sanu, and Jatin Pandit. He holds a deep connection to the music of the ’90s, and his idols include his grandfather and the legendary Shri Madan Mohan. Puneet’s journey in the music industry has brought him closer to these icons, and he cherishes the opportunity to collaborate with them, infusing their voices into his projects while catering to the tastes of the present generation.

Looking forward, Puneet expresses his desire to compose a song for the esteemed music director Jatin Pandit Ji. Additionally, he is thrilled to discover talented doctors and artists who align with his creative vision, giving them the opportunity to lend their voices to his projects. Puneet believes that this global contest holds significant importance for him in many ways, as it symbolizes the mutual love and respect between artists and doctors.

As Puneet Dixit continues to make strides in the world of music, his admiration for the dedication and passion of doctors pursuing their musical dreams serves as a powerful source of inspiration for aspiring artists and professionals alike.

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