Gulki Joshi Calls for the Revival of Theater Culture

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Gulki Joshi, widely recognized for her role in the hit television show “Madam Sir,” is gearing up to make a comeback to her roots in theater with an upcoming play titled “Purush.” During a promotional interview, Gulki shared her thoughts on the diminishing theater culture and stressed the need for the current generation to revive and revamp it.

The actress, who has always been passionate about theater, stated, “Theater is my first love, and I always make it a point to be involved in plays in between my show commitments. As an actor, I believe it is our responsibility to promote theater and revive the dying culture. We must breathe new life into it and make it even bigger.”

Describing her role in the play, Gulki revealed, “It’s a cute romantic play, and I portray the character of a hoity-toity, rich, spoiled brat girl, which is something I have never done before. It’s an exciting new challenge for me.”

Apart from “Purush,” Gulki Joshi will also be seen in another play titled “Pyaar Mein Twist,” written and directed by Manish Mehta, alongside actor Ankit Raj.

Reflecting on the success of her television show “Madam Sir,” Gulki expressed her surprise at its popularity. She shared, “When I auditioned for ‘Madam Sir,’ I was told the entire story of the show, and I thought to myself, ‘This is really different.’ It was a risk to have a show that featured four strong female characters without the typical saas-bahu drama or the portrayal of weak, vulnerable women. Moreover, each episode conveyed a social message. It was progressive and unique, which made me unsure if it would find success.”

However, much to Gulki’s delight, the show became a hit and garnered a good response from the audience. She continued, “The success and positive reception of ‘Madam Sir’ were surprising. The show promoted the goodness of humanity and delivered important social messages. It stood out among other shows and resonated with viewers.”

As Gulki Joshi prepares to make her mark on the theater stage once again with “Purush,” her passion for reviving theater culture shines through. Her dedication to promoting theater and her belief in its enduring significance serve as a call to action for the current generation to embrace and celebrate this art form.

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