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Payal Ghosh Slams Adipurush Makers, Comparing Raavan to Batman with Virat Kohli’s Haircut

Mumbai, June 30, 2023 – Actress Payal Ghosh, known for her involvement in the Me Too movement and her accusations against filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, has once again made headlines by criticizing the makers of the film Adipurush. Payal expressed her dissatisfaction with the portrayal of Raavan in the movie, stating that he resembled Batman with Virat Kohli’s haircut.

During her interaction with Newshelpline, Payal was asked about her opinion on Adipurush and whether she had seen the film. She responded, “I have seen Adipurush, and even though they have changed the dialogues, it is still disrespectful. I fail to comprehend why they would write something like this about Lord Hanuman. The makers took the epic Ramayana and treated it as a joke. It’s beyond my understanding how they had the audacity to commit such a blunder.”

“Ramayana is not merely a book; it holds immense sentimental value for our nation. They played with our sentiments and produced something of such poor quality after investing so much. It’s just ridiculous,” Payal added, expressing her disappointment with the film.

When asked if there was anything specific that bothered her about the movie, Payal remarked, “Raavan looked more like Batman than Raavan himself. I mean, he had Virat Kohli’s haircut, and he traveled by a dragon. I wasn’t aware that dragons were part of our history.”

On the professional front, Payal Ghosh is gearing up for her upcoming project, “Fire of Love Red,” a musical psycho-thriller that explores the life of a renowned novelist named Rajveer, who becomes lost between fiction and reality. The film also features Krushna Abhishek and Kamlesh Sawant in key roles. Written and directed by Ashok Tyagi, “Fire of Love Red” is produced by Rajeev Chaudhari, Jagannath Waghmare, and Rekha Surendra Jagtap. Avantika Dattray Patil and Avantika AP Arts present the film.

As Payal Ghosh continues to voice her opinions on the industry and remains actively engaged in her acting pursuits, her statements about Adipurush have sparked discussions among film enthusiasts and fans alike, further fueling the ongoing conversation surrounding the film.

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