MahaVastu Expert Khushdeep Bansal Reflects on the Significance of Teachers

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On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, MahaVastu expert Khushdeep Bansal takes a moment to reflect on the vital role teachers have played in his life, from his mischievous student days to his present as a respected teacher himself. He shares his cherished memories and the profound impact of his teachers on his personal and professional journey.

Khushdeep Bansal candidly admits to being a mischievous student during his school days. He reminisces about the times when his misadventures would often lead to him being called to the principal’s office, even when he wasn’t present on campus. Despite his naughty antics, Bansal acknowledges the significance of those golden days and the valuable lessons he learned during his school years.

He emphasizes the importance of having an open and receptive mindset to absorb knowledge and experiences. According to Bansal, the natural intellect of an individual can flourish when exposed to external stimuli and a variety of experiences. He believes that excessive discipline can narrow one’s perspective, and the journey of learning should be filled with curiosity and exploration.

Reflecting on his engineering days, Bansal fondly remembers Dr. Chandragupt Varnekar, who not only imparted essential life lessons but also introduced him to the rich Indian knowledge systems. Dr. Varnekar instilled in him the significance of the Gurukul education system and opened the doors to various domains, including philosophy, yoga philosophy, Indian astrology, temple architecture, and the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. These teachings have shaped Bansal into the teacher he is today.

Coming from a family of teachers, Bansal has always held educators in high regard. His mother, who was his class teacher, provided him with a valuable life lesson when he asked her about his future path. She advised him to become a happy person, emphasizing the importance of inner contentment and serving others for their well-being.

Bansal’s respect for teachers extends beyond his family. He acknowledges the profound influence of Prof. Darshan Singh during his school days. Singh’s guidance helped Bansal improve his handwriting and enhance his self-expression through language. These lessons have left a lasting impact on his character and approach to life.

In conclusion, Khushdeep Bansal’s journey from a mischievous student to a renowned MahaVastu expert and teacher highlights the transformative power of educators. His reflections on the importance of happiness and the role of teachers in shaping one’s character serve as a heartfelt tribute on Teachers’ Day.

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