Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Actor Yogendra Kumeria Shares Insights on Television vs. OTT Entertainment

Television actor Yogendra Kumeria, known for his roles in Yash Patnaik’s productions, recently shared his thoughts on the television industry’s evolution and the distinctions between television and over-the-top (OTT) platforms in a candid interview. Kumeria, who is currently seen in Yash Patnaik’s show “Gauna,” also discussed his relaxation techniques after a hectic day of shooting.

In the interview, Kumeria highlighted the shift in television programming over the years, emphasizing the positive changes that have occurred. He noted that the introduction of daily soaps, which air from Monday to Friday, has added to the industry’s dynamism. “Now, our show is coming Monday to Saturday. When you have Monday to Saturday, all six days with just one holiday, the pressure for the team is also there to bring out the best in limited time,” he explained.

Despite the demanding shooting schedules and deadlines, Kumeria expressed his commitment to delivering a quality show. He acknowledged that success ultimately lies in the hands of the audience and a bit of luck.

When asked about his post-work relaxation routine, Kumeria shed light on the challenges of maintaining work-life balance in the entertainment industry. He revealed that due to erratic shooting schedules and long working hours, there is limited time for unwinding. However, he shared that he makes an effort to watch his own show after returning home to assess its progress and the team’s performance. Additionally, he enjoys watching movies and occasionally goes on a one-day picnic to unwind when he has an off day.

Kumeria’s insights provide a glimpse into the television industry’s continuous evolution and the dedication of actors and production teams to deliver engaging content to audiences. His perspective on the distinctions between television and OTT platforms underscores the variety of entertainment options available to viewers today.

As the entertainment landscape continues to evolve, actors like Yogendra Kumeria adapt to the changing demands of their profession while finding moments of relaxation and enjoyment amid their busy schedules.

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