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LeafOBerryy Founder Gazal Kothari Creates One Stop Basket For Skincare

By rakeshsharma Jun12,2023 #Trending

Driving force behind leading personal care brand LeafOBerryy, entrepreneur Gazal Kothari launched a new range of skincare products in Mumbai, creating a one-stop skin-care routine basket for everyone.

 The star studded event was graced by popular actors such as Munira Kudrati and Utkarsh Gupta along with founder Gazal.

 Addressing all the needs of working and non-working professional for all skin-types and throughout the year, Gazal launched 7 new products, such as Sunless Bunnies Serum, Timeless Skincare Serum, The Eye Care Serum, Citrus Blast Serum, Acno Face Cleanser, Luscious Face cleanser, and Butter-Me-Up Body Butter, creating one LeafOBerryy basket for all your skin needs.

“Our Skincare products cover a wide variety of concerns, such as dryness, acne, aging, and sensitivity. Our Products are derma safe and FDA approved, natural and completely safe” said Gazal.

 Hailing from industrial hub town Bhilwara of Rajasthan, Gazal started her company during her pregnancy, with a growing concern for her new-born. “When I was carrying my child, around that time, I was concerned about the skin products which I was using and I thought to myself why not start an all-natural skin-care product line which is safe for everyone, hence the LeafOBerryy came to existence”.

 Gazal found success, and created a name for herself, her brand stands for quality, natural ingredients, and budget friendly.

 “My motto is simple, quality and safety, and with these two core key strengths we have built our entire product range, which go through rigorous checkpoints before ending on shelves” added Gazal.

 Actor Utkarsh Gupta along with Munira Kudrati also praised the founder Gazal and her product range.

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