Khalistan Protests Kangana Ranaut: She Speaks Out on Punjab’s Unrest and Khalistan Movement

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Khalistan Protests Kangana Ranaut: Actress has long held a grudge against the state of Punjab. She faced significant criticism during the Farmer’s Protest and now, as the state grapples with looting and rioting in the name of Khalistan, she is responding with venomous tweets.

Recently, the leader of the pro-Khalistan group ‘Waris Punjab De’, Amritpal Singh, staged a massive protest in front of the Ajnala police station in Amritsar. The supporters of the group, armed with swords and guns, broke through police barricades to reach the police station.

Khalistan Protests Kangana Ranaut

In response to this attack on the police station, On Khalistan Protests Kangana Ranaut took to Twitter to express her views. She stated, “I predicted what is happening in Punjab two years ago. Many cases were filed against me, an arrest warrant was issued, and my car was attacked in Punjab. But what I had predicted has come true. Now is the time for non-Khalistani Sikhs to make their position and intention clear.”

She also added, “I have received six summons, one arrest warrant, and my movies have been banned in Punjab. Physical attacks on me and my car are the price that a nationalist pays to keep the nation together. Khalistanis are declared terrorists by the government of India, and if you believe in the constitution, you should have no doubt about your position on this.”

Called out Amritpal Singh

Kangana also called out Amritpal Singh, who had challenged anyone to have an intellectual discussion with him on the issue. She wrote, “In Mahabharata, the Pandavas performed the Rajsu Yagya, and Arjun himself went as far as China to claim tax from all the kings. Then, all the kings declared Yudhishthir Samrat of Virat Bharata. Even the world war that eventually happened was called Mahabharata. Amrit Pal, let’s have a discussion.”

On Khalistan Protests Kangana Ranaut further explained, “Over the centuries, the Sikh empire disintegrated and integrated many times. No one can deny the grand Sikh empire during the reign of Sher-e-Punjab Maharaja Ranjit Singh. But the reason it stands now is because of another King (the democracy-era king) called Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. And now, there are many small states which have CM’s like the olden days had kings and a Prime Minister, whom we called Samrat in those times. Anyone presenting fragmented information and challenging this is manipulating innocent people. Khalistan exists only in their brains.”

Kangana Ranaut’s tweets reflect her firm stance against Khalistan and her belief that non-Khalistani Sikhs need to take a clear position on the issue. She also emphasizes the importance of following the Indian constitution and condemns any violence or physical attacks on her or her property.

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