Karan Kundrra Prioritizes Environmental Responsibility: Chooses Tree Planting Over Paparazzi Spotting

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Mumbai, July 12, 2023: Popular television personality Karan Kundrra, known for his appearances on shows like Bigg Boss and Roadies, recently participated in the Van Mahotsav celebrations to mark Bhamla Foundation Day. In an exclusive interaction with BollywoodGaliyara, Karan expressed his commitment to using his celebrity status for the greater good and highlighted the importance of environmental conservation.

Karan Kundrra, accompanied by singer Shaan, engaged with students at Apostolic Carmel School, where he shared insights on the harmful effects of plastic and distributed water bottles and school supplies to underprivileged girls. The duo also took part in a tree plantation drive, symbolizing their dedication to combating deforestation and promoting a greener future.

When asked about his motivation to actively participate in such events, Karan emphasized the responsibility celebrities have in making a positive impact. He stated, “If you’re a celebrity, you have the power to influence people and spread messages. It is crucial to utilize this power for a good cause. Personally, I would rather spend my time interacting with children and planting trees than being photographed outside salons or restaurants.”

Karan further revealed that his love for gardening stems from his mother’s influence. Growing up with a lush garden at home, he has adopted the practice of keeping plants wherever he resides. He believes that a home feels incomplete without the presence of greenery, reflecting his deep connection to nature.

During his interaction with the students, Karan conveyed an essential message about the environment and the role children play in shaping the future. He emphasized the need to reduce plastic usage and urged the young generation to be mindful of the planet’s well-being. Addressing the children, he said, “You are the future, and this planet is our collective responsibility. We must take care of it, not just for ourselves but also for the welfare of all living beings. Say no to plastic and embrace eco-friendly alternatives.”

Currently, Karan Kundra can be seen in the television series “Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal,” which is an adaptation of the popular American show “The Vampire Diaries.” Alongside his professional commitments, Karan remains dedicated to environmental causes and strives to inspire others to join the movement towards a sustainable future.

Bollywood Galiyara encourages its readers to follow Karan Kundra’s footsteps in making a positive impact on the environment. Stay connected for more updates on celebrity initiatives and the latest news from the entertainment industry.

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