Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Director Sannjoy Bhargav on Panch Kriti: Five Elements

With the unveiling of the official poster, director Sannjoy Bhargav expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming film Panch Kriti: Five Elements. Reflecting on the journey, he shared his excitement about showcasing a glimpse of the film to the world and turning their dream into a reality. The poster was meticulously designed to capture the essence of the film and offer an honest portrayal of its core values and themes.

The film is set in Chanderi and was filmed on real locations, comprising five unique stories with a common thread. These stories shed light on the issues faced by women in rural India, promising a captivating cinematic experience. Director Sannjoy Bhargav believes that Panch Kriti: Five Elements showcases anthology filmmaking at its finest, combining social relevance with family-friendly entertainment.

Panch Kriti: Five Elements is the result of dedicated effort and passion, which is reflected in the attention to detail given to the design and look of the poster. The director emphasized the importance of setting the right tone for the film, as the poster serves as the first introduction to the audience. This meticulous approach ensures that the film resonates with viewers and leaves a lasting impact.

Director Sannjoy Bhargav takes pride in the unique storytelling approach of Panch Kriti: Five Elements and invites the audience to embark on this remarkable cinematic journey. The poster launch is just the beginning, with more promotional material soon to be released, creating anticipation and excitement among film enthusiasts.

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