Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

I want to have so much work that I have time for nothing else: Subuhii Joshii on 2023

Subuhii Joshii, who is currently seen in “Bigg Buzz”, admitted that she is never satisfied with what she is doing and always strives for more. Though she has done a lot of work in 2022, she wants to keep herself occupied in 2023.

“I’m somebody who is not usually very satisfied with what I’m doing. I always want to do more and more but yes in 2022 I did a lot of things that I wanted to do workwise and I am quite happy about it. However, I wouldn’t say that my expectations were met. I want to work even harder next year,” she said.

“For 2023 my entire focus is going to be on my career. I want to have so much work that I have time for nothing else. Because I think this is going to be my prime year so I just hope 2023 holds a lot of work for me,” she added.

A thorough professional that she is Subuhii, she wants to keep working throughout the year. “I want to work at least 26-27 days out of 30. I just want 2 days off in a month which I know at times people crib about that we have to work and we don’t get off, but I think that’s how I want my 2023 to be,” she said.

Plans for 2023? “I would like to do a lot of good work. That’s what I want to do next year,” she ended.

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