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Hema Malini Expresses Desire to Sing Sanskrit Songs After Debut Bhajan Release

Hema Malini, the iconic Bollywood actress who has also made her mark as a prominent politician, recently made headlines by unveiling her singing talent with the release of her debut bhajan, “Jhoola Jhoole Radha Rani.” The multi-talented artist shared her aspirations and enthusiasm for singing during an interaction with Newshelpline at the grand launch event held at the ISKON temple in Juhu.

Addressing her venture into singing, Hema Malini revealed, “Sometimes I felt that I did really well because there is a lot of technical help available these days, and you can do a lot with it; the song gets polished. But I would like to improve my singing. I am practicing, and I do sing Sanskrit Shlokas. I desire to sing something else as well, apart from local folk songs, more on the Sanskrit side of it.”

Hema Malini’s foray into music marks an exciting new chapter in her illustrious career, where she has garnered immense acclaim as an actor, dancer, and politician. Her desire to explore the world of Sanskrit songs showcases her commitment to embracing diverse artistic expressions.

The debut bhajan, “Jhoola Jhoole Radha Rani,” is a soul-stirring composition by Vivek Prakash, with lyrics penned by Kavi Narayan Agarwal, also known as ‘Das Narayan.’ Praising her mentor and lyricist Kavi Narayan, Hema Malini shared insights into the creative process behind the full album. She said, “Kavi Narayan Agarwal has always been encouraging me. Now he has pushed me into singing as well. The first time he approached me, he said I needed to sing eight bhajans, and I was shocked. I cannot even sing one, leave alone eight. But with some encouragement and talented music composers, I was able to sing eight bhajans.”

As a celebrated dancer and Member of Parliament, Hema Malini has dedicated herself to both her artistic pursuits and her responsibilities in the political arena. Despite her initial reservations about singing, Kavi Narayan’s persistence, coupled with the guidance of music composer Vivek, helped Hema achieve this musical feat.

Reflecting on her journey, Hema Malini stated, “I am a dancer and have managed to make a good name for myself in the film industry. For a decade or so, I have been looking after Mathura as a Member of Parliament, and I am happy doing what I do. In between all of this, Narayan Ji would come each year with a song for me to sing, and I kept telling him that I am not a singer. However, he insisted, and I enjoyed singing it. The music composer, Vivek, helped me a lot during the sessions. After composing the song, they would make me listen to it, and it didn’t feel bad at all; it felt good. I was nervous that it would turn out poorly, but it didn’t. I am very happy that I am able to contribute to Seva (service) through singing as well, and I hope to continue doing so.”

Hema Malini’s spiritual journey through music is truly inspiring, and her dedication to exploring new artistic horizons is a testament to her versatile talents. As she embarks on this musical odyssey, her fans eagerly await her future endeavors in the world of Sanskrit songs.

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