“Falaq Naaz Expresses Desire to Continue Bond with Avinash after Bigg Boss OTT Elimination”

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Actress Falaq Naaz, who recently bid farewell to Bigg Boss OTT Season 2, opens up about her journey inside the house, expressing a hint of disappointment over her eviction. In a candid interview with Newshelpline, she reflects on her time in the reality show, highlighting the special bond she formed with fellow contestant Avinash.

Falaq Naaz acknowledges her beautiful journey in the Bigg Boss OTT Season 2, giving her best effort throughout her stay. While her elimination may have come as a slight disappointment, she remains content with the knowledge that she gave it her all. Addressing the housemates’ decision to nominate her for elimination, Falaq reveals that she was expecting it, as they had already named her during the nominations.

During her time in the show, Avinash openly confessed his feelings for Falaq, leading to speculations that she rejected his advances. However, Falaq clarifies that this is not true. In fact, she shares a deep bond with Avinash, which they gradually developed during moments of support and understanding when no one else in the house extended their help. Falaq cherishes this friendship and expresses her desire to continue it beyond the show, considering it her real achievement during her time in the Bigg Boss OTT house.

Apart from addressing her bond with Avinash, Falaq also took the opportunity to apologize for a past controversy that arose during her initial days in the house. She acknowledges that she might have unintentionally called fellow contestant Abhishek by an incorrect gender reference and clarifies that it happened during their early days of not knowing each other well. Falaq expresses genuine remorse for any inadvertent remarks made during that time, emphasizing that she did not mean any harm. She hopes that the issue will be understood in the right context and not blown out of proportion.

As Falaq Naaz bids adieu to the Bigg Boss OTT Season 2, she looks back on her journey with gratitude and cherishes the friendships she has formed along the way. With her positive outlook and desire to continue her bond with Avinash, Falaq sets an example of fostering meaningful connections amidst the challenges of the reality show.

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