Extraction 2 Review: Reveals Chris Hemsworth’s Dedication to Action Sequences

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Despite mixed reviews from critics, Sam Hargrave’s action-packed thriller Extraction 2 continues to captivate Netflix viewers. Serving as the sequel to the 2020 film Extraction, this highly anticipated movie, written by Joe Russo based on the graphic novel Ciudad, is packed with high-octane action sequences and gripping moments. Director Sam Hargrave recently discussed the demanding nature of these intense action scenes, highlighting Chris Hemsworth’s remarkable dedication to performing his own stunts.

In Extraction 2, Hemsworth is joined by Golshifteh Farahani and Adam Bessa in the lead roles. Hargrave shared insights into the challenges faced during the filming process, emphasizing that Hemsworth was actively involved in most of the heart-pounding action sequences. Surprisingly, Hemsworth performed about 99% of his action scenes, with only a few exceptions when the stunts became repetitive or excessively dangerous. The director praised Hemsworth’s commitment, noting that he was willing to push himself in order to deliver a genuine and engaging performance.

According to Hargrave, Hemsworth’s dedication to doing his own stunts created a grueling experience for the actor, as the physically demanding nature of the role required a marathon-like endurance. However, Hemsworth’s determination shone through, as he eagerly took on the action whenever possible.

The success of Extraction 2 has prompted Netflix to announce the development of Extraction 3. Back in December 2020, the Russo brothers expressed their intention to expand the Extraction franchise into an entire cinematic universe. They revealed plans to explore other characters from the first film, as well as introduce new ones, allowing for historical interactions between them.

During a conversation with Collider, Joe and Anthony Russo discussed the potential future projects in the franchise. They hinted at the possibility of delving into the storylines of other characters, including David Harbour’s character, who viewers may get to see in a future Extraction movie.

While Extraction 2 received a more sprawling narrative compared to its lean predecessor, some reviewers, like Rohan Naahar from indianexpress.com, found it less satisfying. However, the film’s action-packed sequences and Hemsworth’s commitment to his role continue to be a major draw for audiences.

The dedication of Chris Hemsworth to performing his own stunts in Extraction 2 demonstrates his unwavering commitment to delivering an authentic and thrilling cinematic experience. As fans eagerly await Extraction 3 and the expansion of the franchise’s universe, they can look forward to witnessing Hemsworth’s captivating performances and the evolution of the Extraction saga.

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