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Celebs wish Happy Baisakhi, hopes this new beginning ushers in good health and abundance

Unlike most Sikh festivals that celebrate guru’s birthdays or martyrdom, Baisakhi celebrates life, newness in harvest and the formation of Khalsa Panth by Guru Gobind Singh. The festival is therefore celebrated amid much fervour among them. While everyone has their own way to connect with the higher power, many opine that modernity has faded traditional fervour of festivals like Baisakhi. .

Simaran Kaur
This festival holds a very special significance in our lives because it is a part of our tradition and is in fact, more of my family tradition than anything else. I’ll decorate my home in Mumbai and cook traditional food like kadi, peele chawal, and phirni. Usually on the day we go to the Gurdwara, do the paath. I guess we all have started celebrating the festival at home, I make a point to always wear a yellow or kesari combination and make kadha prasad and enjoy the day with my loved ones. I only hope that Baisakhi welcomes in a new day.

Rishina Kandhari
The celebration signifies an auspicious start to Baisakhi and the harvest season, which I will be enjoying with my family. It is one of the joyful festivals that help us see the value of oneness. We usually go to the Gurdwara, walk the path, and sing religious songs. I always make it a point to wear yellow or a kesari combo, cook kadha Prasad, and spend the day with my loved ones. We usually have special dinner plans in the evening on this day. So this year, I would cook something good for my family. I just hope this Baisakhi brings a new dawn and things fall back into place for all.

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