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Rabb Se Hai Dua: Family members are shocked to learn that Ruhaan ran away 

The episode starts with Haider telling Kaynaat & Ravi that he knows they helped Ruhaan to run away. Dua answers him from behind and Haider turns & asks her where is Ruhaan?. Just then Eijaz enters in the house greeting everyone. Dua, Haider & everyone looks at him. Gazal smiles & runs to hug him. Heena asks about Eijaz and Gazal replies saying he’s my cousin’s brother. Both Ghazal and Eijaz doing little drama to gain everyone’s sympathy. Dua tells Haider again this must be her plan, suddenly how she got a brother? Haider taunts him and asks where is Ruhaan tell me. Haider grabs Dua’s hand & takes her with him.

Eijaz tells Heena that he wanted to thank her for taking care of Ghazal, on the other hand 

Dua tells Haider that she did it because it is right for Ruhaan & no one was ready to listen so she did what she felt was right for him. Haider blames Dua that because of her, his family will be ashamed . Noor comes running downstairs and is about to tell that Ruhaan has run away but Haider stops her in middle of the sentence & tells the family members to come inside the room everyone follows him except Eijaz.

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Heena asks what happened. Haider says Ruhaan has ran away from the house. Heena is shocked and starts crying. Ghazal starts with her drama and Haider looks at Dua. Dua thinks he’ll tell because of her but Haider takes the blame on himself. Eijaz takes out Ruhaan’s phone & sends a message to everyone present in the house. Noor comes running & informs them to come outside & see that everyone got a message. Rahat, Haider & other members also checks the phone in that a video shows that Haider removed Ghazal’s dupatta & hugged her. Guests starts gossiping & insulting. Dua shouts at them saying this is not true and Haider is innocent but now the guests starts insulting Dua too for taking Haider’s side even after seeing his true colours. Guests even taunts the Rahat for having two wife and Rahat says who recorded this ? Ghazal says this is Dua’s doing. Family members are shocked.

To know what happens next watch Rabb Se Hai Dua produced by Prateek Sharma’s (Studio LSD).

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