Bigg Boss 16 Friday Written Updates: The race to the endgame of Bigg Boss 16 has begun & renowned astrologer Saurish Sharma visiting Bigg Boss House

The competition on COLORS’ “Bigg Boss 16” is heating up as the endgame approaches. In tonight’s episode, the contestants will seek guidance from renowned astrologer and mentor Saurish Sharma, who will offer advice on their gameplay and reveal what the future holds for them.

One of the contestants, Archana Gautam, has a reputation for being negative toward others in the house. Sourish states that she has a negative way of speaking and her words have had a significant impact on events in the show. As an example, he references her comments on the departure of fellow contestant Ankit and the dissolution of a group within the house.

Sourish also has advice for Shalin Bhanot and Nimirit Kaur Ahluwalia, telling them that they will learn valuable life lessons over the next 7.5 years. He urges Tina Datta to be more carefree for her next big opportunity and for Sumbul Touqeer Khan to reconcile with her mother for a better future.

The astrologer also shares predictions for other contestants, including that Shiv will be more successful once he is married, and warns Priyanka Chahar Choudhary not to change her alliances too frequently.

At the end of the episode, Shalin Bhanot becomes so frustrated that he considers quitting the show. To find out more about what led to this moment, viewers will have to tune in to future episodes.

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