Afifa Jibran: A Philanthropic Beauty Making a Difference in Millions of Lives

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Afifa jibran a known actress and model is a well established face of Pakistan. She is known for her glamorous look. Afifa has done various Modelling projects with clothing brands and also gaming apps. Afifa jibran is a gem by heart. She loves to help needy ones thus leading her to work for countries like srilanka, Bangladesh, Asia, Dubai, Pakistan and India.
Afifa jabran had worked for children who are orphan. She has provided them with food,clothing and shelters. Afifa has done various projects on social activities which has benefited people across the globe. Apart from this coming to her perosnal details, Afifa jabran is from London, educated from London and now living in Pakistan.
She is blessed with 2 sons and an angle. Afifa is a mom of 3 kids. Being a mom she manages her both the career in an efficient manner. Being an actress and model as well as an social worker is not an easy task. It requires courage and confidence. Afifa is indeed a confident and mind blowing women with a golden heart.

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