B-Town Celebrates Five Years Of Renu Sharan’s Scarlete

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Mumbai, 10th July 2023 (Newshelpline) – Scarlete, a state-of-the-art beauty and skin clinic run by talented and ambitious Renu Sharan, celebrates its fifth anniversary with impressive star presence and testimonies.

 A social media personality, actress and entrepreneur Renu Sharan ventured into cosmetology with her first venture in Kandivali; with an impressive and talented team of professionals backing her dream, she soon turned her center into a one-stop skin and beauty care of entire Bollywood.

 The star-studded celebration saw celebrities, such as Rajkumar Kanojia, Mini Bansal, Vicky Hada, Eesha, Manoj Kumar, Mahesh Poojary, Vinit Kakar and a whole lot more in attendance.

 Actor Vinit Kakar praised Renu for her hard work, he said, “It is a big deal, the kind of brand she has made for herself, I would like to congratulate Renu for completing five glorious years. Especially in this tough cosmetology market space, it is a big deal. The kind of brand she made for herself.”

 Television and film actor Rajkumar Kanojia said, “Five years, it means she is here to stay and do even a better job in the coming years.”

 Actress Mini Bansal added, “This is not just a beauty clinic, it’s a kind of doctor clinic, Renu is like a doctor, who knows everything about looking good.”

 Scarlete has made its mark, gaining an impressive following becoming one of the most influential and go-to places covering beauty. An essential resource for all skin, hair, body, and beauty needs, and providing a complete holistic treatment.

 Talking about her success and mantra, Renu Sharan said, “Everybody wants to look young and beautiful, and one must, because if you love yourself first only then you can love the world. It has been an interesting and learning journey.”

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