Writer Anantica Sahir: My idea of happiness is being in a state of extreme comfort with my loved ones

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She can spin interesting stories for television and spin interesting conversations too. That’s writer Anantica Sahir for you. She is an out-an-out introvert.

“I love mingling with people & going out. However, as I have gotten older, I am more of a selective (mood-based) extrovert now I feel,” she continues, “I am the chatterbox of the family so making conversation comes easily to me since childhood. I was always quick to make friends when I used to travel as a child. I am still uninhibited in that sense.”
Happiness is a very subjective term and means different things to different people. “My idea of happiness is being in a state of extreme comfort with my loved ones. Also keeping yourself positive & content is a very big key to happiness. I also feel happiness eventually is all about comfort. I may say travelling makes me happy but only if I had a smooth comfortable holiday or I might say that being with my loved one makes me happy but only if they all are happy & content. Love is a feeling that makes us happy, but only when it’s reciprocated. So no matter what we want, if comfort is missing, happiness would be missing too,” she adds.

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Almost everyone has mood swings and people have been running after money for a long time till Covid hit us hard. That unprecedented time made us realise a lot of things.

“With life getting more and more chaotic & stressful, it’s understandable to have mood swings. We can’t always be in a state of joy or in a state of sadness. However, the last few years have changed things a lot for me. I lost my mum and post losing her I have realised how unpredictable life is. Often things people do hit the wrong nerve but I have decided to be calmer and more compassionate. We don’t know what one is going through. I didn’t want to see anyone or talk to anyone when I was dealing with my grief, but people around me were supportive of that & I realise we must be calmer & cut people some slack,” she says.
Two things that immediately makes Anantica happy are spending time with her son and husband (Ssudeep Sahir; actor). “For sure it lifts my spirit. Another good way to lift my mood is to take me shopping. Retail therapy is the kind of therapy that works best for me,” she adds.

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