“Varun Sharma Unveils Hilarious ‘Fukrey 3’ Trailer, Promising Laughter Galore”

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Actor Varun Sharma, affectionately known as Choocha from the beloved ‘Fukrey’ franchise, has delighted fans by releasing the first official trailer for the third installment of the series. The ‘Fukrey’ films have been celebrated for their unique brand of comedy and endearing characters, making the release of ‘Fukrey 3’ a much-anticipated event for audiences.

Varun Sharma took to his social media accounts to share the trailer with fans and followers. In his tweet, he wrote, “Ouiiii…Ouiii…Ouiiii…Aagaya Bhai Aagaya Apna Trailer Aagaya Isa Baar Aapke liye laaye hai ek naya tohfa! #Fukrey3 trailer out now @PulkitSamrat @OyeManjot @TripathiiPankaj @RichaChadha @MrigLamba @excelmovies @ritesh_sid @FarOutAkhtar @vipulhappy #AmalenduChaudhary @j10Kassim @vishalrr @chouhanmanoj82 @AAFilmsIndia @ZeeMusicCompany”

The trailer kicks off by showcasing the characters Choocha (Varun Sharma) and Hunny (Pulkit Samrat) finally graduating from their school. It humorously highlights Choocha’s farewell speech, which includes witty one-liners related to toilet humor.

However, the trailer takes a twist as it reveals that Bholi Punjaban is determined to win the local elections in Delhi. In response, Hunny devises a plan to field Choocha as a candidate against Bholi.

The trailer is filled with laughter-inducing moments, promising that ‘Fukrey 3’ will be a riotous comedy. This time, Choochaa has an unexpected surprise as his urine output becomes inflammable, adding to the film’s zany humor.

The trailer also showcases Pankaj Tripathi’s character, Pandit ji, who provides unwavering support to Choocha, Hunny, and Lali in their electoral battle against Bholi Punjaban.

The ‘Fukrey 3’ trailer looks extremely promising and continues the legacy of this beloved comedy franchise. It’s evident that this film will be a major trendsetter in the comedy genre.

Produced by Excel Entertainment, ‘Fukrey 3’ is scheduled to hit theaters on September 28. Fans of the franchise can’t wait to experience the uproarious adventures of Choocha, Hunny, and the gang in this highly-anticipated sequel.

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